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work lamp – concept work
work lamp - concept work

project: Quick half day project look at ideas for an LED work light to be mounted to recreational vehicles. employer: Owner/Director @ Vivid Origin Ltd

trojan – hand tools
trojan - hand tools

project: Bang design worked with ITW – Proline to develop a new 3D brand language for it’s full selection of hand tools which are sold in Australasia’s largest hardware store chain Bunnings. The project started with a refresh of the brands logo and packaging.  We then developed a 3D brand language which was applied to all […]

Haworth – Yourway work-tools
Haworth - Yourway work-tools

project: Yourway work-tools is an extension to the Haworth Infinity platform project. It provides the end user versatile tools to help them be productive in their work environment. The idea was to create solutions that were non-perscriptive and allowed the user flexibility depending on their needs or personal workstyle. client: Haworth, APAC employer: Bang Design, Australia

meco – studio
meco - studio

project: Design the new “studio” range for the Australia bathroom furniture brand MECO. The product range is manufactured in Portugal and sells in Europe under the brand CIFIAL. client: MECO, Australia employer: Bang Design, Australia, 2011

“the way we eat”
"the way we eat"

project: the way we eat – work in progress! The following concepts are just a few of the ideas I have kicking around in my head. All the ideas relate specifically to Asian cuisine; Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese etc. I have spent a considerable amount of time living, travelling and eating in a variety of Asia […]

cms – flip
cms - flip

project: Develop a desk-mounted power and  data housing, in both a flush and surface-mounted option. Pivoting doors allow connections to be hidden and protected til the user requires them. client: CMS, Australia employer: Bang Design, Australia, 2009

cms – gull
cms - gull

project: Develop a gull-wing style umbilical for cable management. With the use of a simple gull-wing style pivoting doors and clip access this design allows cables to be installed both prior to its installation and extra cables to be easily added at anytime. client: CMS, Australia employer: Bang Design, Australia, 2009

lock n key – showcase
lock n key - showcase

project: Develop a showcase lock.  This lock was innovative in its ability to be set in both key retain or snap-lock mode. The design also utilised  a 530 cylinder providing greater security and the ability for simple re-keying. client: Lock & Key, Australia employer: Celestia R&D, (Lock n Key), Australia, 2005-06

lock n key- clock
lock n key- clock

project: Develop a cupboard lock for the NZ/Australian market.  The design had to be able to convert from latch to bolt and be set in any orientation. All functionality of the competition had to be provided, yet the sale price was able to be more than halved. Even with many competition locks on the market […]

unicond – le rouge
unicond - le rouge

project: Design a range of home audio speakers for Unicond a high end loud-speaker manufacturer. The range started its life with an X & O theme called Uno, but was later renamed Le Rouge. Later refinement by Unicond’s in-house team ultimately saw the system become a wireless high end audio solution. This product can be […]

midea – microwaves
midea - microwaves

project: Microwave concept renders. client: Midea, China employer: GE/Fitch, Singapore, 2004

besta – pda/translator
besta - pda/translator

project: Develop concepts for a pda/translator aimed at release in the Asian market client: Besta, China employer: GE/Fitch, Singapore, 2003

ability – digital camera
ability - digital camera

project: Design a compact 5 mega pixel digital camera which was released in the Asia market.   client: Ability, Taiwan employer: GE/Fitch, Singapore, 2003

hannspree – lcd
hannspree - lcd

project: Concept renders of a 42″ lcd tv client: Hannspree, Taiwan employer: GE/Fitch, Singapore, 2003

hannspree – butterfly
hannspree - butterfly

project: Design accessory speakers to accompany a fantasy inspired  range of lcd tv’s. client: Hannspree, Taiwan employer: GE/Fitch, Singapore, 2002

“day pass” – survival backpack
"day pass" - survival backpack

project: The aim of this project was to design and develop an innovative solution to the following situation: “A search in snow, sleet and strong winds yesterday failed to find British tourist John Davidson (name changed)  missing on Mt Egmount… Mr Davidson was equipped only for a day walk – wearing cotton pants, a windbreaker […]


project: Design a client give-away in conjunction with Ludowici Cellon Ltd (an Injection Moulding Company). We then needed to personally produce urethane cast models from a silicon tool. My concept was a desk-tidy which reflected the New Zealand  icon “the Paua Shell”. client: Personal project employer: Created while studying at Massey University, 1999