jesse keith – creative designer © copyright 2014

project: The aim of this project was to design and develop an innovative solution to the following situation:

“A search in snow, sleet and strong winds yesterday failed to find British tourist John Davidson (name changed)  missing on Mt Egmount… Mr Davidson was equipped only for a day walk – wearing cotton pants, a windbreaker and carrying a backpack.” (The Dominion 11/9/2000, p3)

“A search found missing elderly English tramper lying dead on the snowy slopes of Mt Taranaki today the elderly mans 71st birthday.” (Wiakato Times, 11/9/2000, p2)

The solution was DayPass an innovative backpack that is uniquely integrated with survival equipment. The features include: hydration, emergency shelter, first aid, temperature gauge and heat regulating properties.

Through it’s design DayPass makes taking the correct gear easy. So never again will you have a reason to enter the backcountry unprepared or ill-equipped.

client: Personal project

employer: Created while studying at Massey University, 2001

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