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Haworth – Yourway work-tools
Haworth - Yourway work-tools

project: Yourway work-tools is an extension to the Haworth Infinity platform project. It provides the end user versatile tools to help them be productive in their work environment. The idea was to create solutions that were non-perscriptive and allowed the user flexibility depending on their needs or personal workstyle. client: Haworth, APAC employer: Bang Design, Australia

haworth – infinity
haworth - infinity

project: Design the new workstation platform “Infinity”. Infinity was designed as a flexible platform that could scale it’s offering to better meet the diverse needs and requirements of the APAC region. The concept grew from discovery/research conducted through out the region to highlight and better understand the changing culture of the workplace and the work-styles […]

nienkamper – nabu
nienkamper - nabu

project: Designed as an elegant, yet versatile multi-use conference chair. client: Nienkamper, Canada employer: Bang Design, Australia, 2011

harter – olivia
harter - olivia

project: Design a multi -task chair for use in both commercial and residential settings. Four leg and sled-base options are achieved using the same seat and back-rest moldings. A customisable array of colours allows this product to suit a wide selection of environments. client: Harter, U.S.A employer: Bang Design, Australia, 2009